Junior Savers

Discovery Credit Union Junior Saver Account is a great way for under 16's to start saving and watch their money grow. Give your child the tools to save and encourage them to learn how to manage their money.


No fees or charges

Save a Little

No minimum deposit

Savings Protected

Up to £85,000

Save a Lot

Maximum £10,000

Unlimited Withdrawals

Instant access to savings

Eligible for interest

Decided at our AGM

How do I open an account?

The Junior Saver must live within post codes DD1 to DD11 or, live in the same household as a family member who is an existing, active Discovery Credit Union member.
Complete a Junior Saver Application form and return it to our office along with identification to get your child started on their savings journey.

What identification do I need?
  1. The Junior Savers Birth Certificate
  2. If the Adult Sponsor is not an existing member of Discovery Credit Union, then a Digital ID check will be conducted on the Adult Sponsor. At times, the adult may need to provide identification. Please see here for more information on acceptable identification.
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Important information

Payments can be made into the account up to a total of £10,000 in any Discovery Credit Union financial year (Oct - Sep). A Junior Saver account is only available to individuals under the age of 16.

We also work in partnership with Save By The Bell, a financial education project that promotes regular saving from an early age in nurseries, primary schools and secondary schools. Save By The Bell pupils open a Junior Savings account with Discovery Credit Union and save regularly through school collection points (Dundee only)